Wednesday, October 17, 2007


-HHORRRAUTICA discarnation,or the release of“doubles”,as described by the selected afterlife characters, projectors, and vehicles of vitality.
-mediumistic participants who’s wheels within wheels doubles were released in multiple stages their space-range is unlimited.
-an explosive re-entry into the horror body in cases of unnatural projections caused healthy critique shock.
-when some of these doubles were screened there was often a panoramic view of the collaborative past life.
-performance consciousness-an experience like fusing with an “immersion suit” , “earth-suit”, or “birth-suit” through post physical conditions.
-a compulsive cycle in the head described by gestural engineers, as the chief point of exit of the doubles.
-many who claimed that their doubles were released from their projects also claimed that the process was aided by discarnate helpers [corresponding to earthly midwives & feline familiars]
-others described “energistic-autopsicopy” [ having seen,and played with the internal organs of their etheric bodies]
-festivals transmit their collaborative cords to us via speculative residency mediums.
-neolojismic textual substances ooze construction yellow.

In a world which legislates the obscene but legitimizes the atrocious, HHORRRAUTICA represents our sexual evolution. Life and death have often met at the moment of birth though usually in the form of tragedy. HHORRRAUTICA is the embodiment of physical coupling of disaster and desire. This new progeny has been evolving among humanity and inhumanity to one day depart homo sapien. Will this species be born from an orifice of pleasure or pain?